"Design is a balance between form + function...it takes two." - seesaw

The end result of Laurel Pfannenstiel's interior architecture + design is a carefully calculated process. It's one of research. It's one of several scouting trips. It's one-on-one brainstorming sessions with the client...making them feel heard and part of the collaboration. It's one of late night sketching. It's one of many walk throughs. It's one of well-sourced inspiration.

While many interior architects claim an eye for detail; Laurel + her team distinguish themselves on the planning process. It's through this process that your vision comes to life. Styling that vision is only 20% of the job. Here's how Laurel + her team approach each project:

  • Lip service. | It all starts with a referral. Word of mouth travels fast.
  • Consultation. |  No great idea comes to life without dialogue. Let's set up a consultation. Show us your blank canvas.
  • Inspiration. | What inspires you? Share your vision with us...photos, travel, colors, texture...we want it all!
  • Collaboration. |  What will this space be used for? What activities do you see yourself doing here?
  • Application. |  We'll present a digital board...whether it's for a floor plan or a remodel/reconstruction.
  • Interpretation. |  Laurel + her team will hand sketch elevations for the front of your house...down to the layout for your new kitchen cabinets.
  • Restoration. | Laurel + her team draft architectural drawings and blueprints for your contractor. This is a team effort that can be a 6-8 month process.
  • Dedication. | Laurel + her team busy themselves by pulling fabrics, furniture, tiles, light fixtures and more. This can be a 3-4 month process.
  • Verification. | Plan on many on-site visits + decision making with you...the client!